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Want to work in Belgium? Itzu Foreign helps find the right job for you, whether in a skilled or unskilled position and across a wide range of sectors.

The right person

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Looking for a part-time job? Prefer something more long-term? Or do you have a specific skill that you want to turn into a career in Belgium?

Itzu Foreign finds the right job for you based on your preferences and skills.

We help people get a job at companies in a wide range of sectors:

One-stop service

Itzu Foreign makes sure you can work in a rewarding job in Belgium in good health. We devote considerable attention to your well-being:


you can count on

Thanks to our many years of experience in international recruitment, we know exactly how to ensure that foreign workers flourish in Belgium. We also have an extensive network of reliable partners, each with their own expertise.

Not only that, but we take the time and effort to get to know you personally. That is why we feel so strongly about personal contact and customised support. This includes making every effort to communicate with you in your own language or in English.

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